Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “”Requiem For A Queen” by Kaylin McFarren, Creative Edge Publishing, 2022. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Kaylin McFarren, author of “Requiem For A Queen” casts a magical spell in a world of dark, occult, and supernatural fantasy. This is one captivating and intense novel. The author describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complex, complicated, and frightening. There are shape-shifters, angels, demons, dragons, beasts, witches, and other creatures. There are supernatural powers, magic, potents and spells. Kudos to Kaylin McFarren for bringing strong themes as good and evil, the importance of family, motherhood, the devastation of war, the corruption of power, finding self-worth and a sense of purpose. I also appreciate that females can be strong, courageous and powerful.

The female protagonist, Samara, is half angel, half demon. She demonstrates courage, and is very resourceful in many of her adventures and encounters. She has obstacles and dangers between heaven and hell. There are betrayals, secrets, kidnappings,threats, wars, danger, and death. Samara has to search for a way to find herself. She has to be able to believe in her power and strength.

Kaylin McFarren vividly describes the characters, the plot, and the scenery. I enjoyed this amazing, edgy novel, and highly recommend this novel.

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