“The Guests on South Battery” by Karen White

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Review of “The Guests on South Battery” by Karen White


I would like to thank Berkley (Penguin Random House) and Goodreads for winning an advanced reading edition of “The Guests on South Battery” by author Karen White. I would like to thank Karen White as well. I enjoy reading novels from Karen White, and this is the first book in this series I have read. I have enjoyed this novel and not only would recommend it, but look forward to reading the other books in this series.     I enjoyed the quirky and charismatic characters, and the historical descriptions of old estates, homes, and antiques in Charleston. The genres of this novel are fiction, mystery, romance and paranormal.

Melanie Trenholm and her family seem to have spiritual connections in one way or another with ghosts. Melanie is ending her maternity leave, and leaving her husband Jack with the twins, as she returns to work. Something unusual has been found in their yard where the ground seems to be sinking. As this matter is attended to, Melanie has an uneasy feeling,which is one of many.

Melanie has obsessive compulsive tendencies and it has been difficult to hold on to a nanny. Jack and Melanie need a nanny.

Melanie is a real estate agent and when she gets to the office there is a client waiting for her. Jane has inherited a historical old home and wants Melanie to sell it. Jane is also a nanny, and looking for work.

The historical home is in need of major reconstruction and Melanie can feel spirits or ghosts in this house.

Jane becomes the nanny and is waiting for the house to be refurbished so she can sell it. There seem to be some powerful paranormal activity going on. Why is there such unusual activity? This becomes an intriguing mystery with twists and turns.

The author also writes about family, love, friendship, trust and forgiveness.

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