“A Sister’s Place” by Savannah Page

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC of “A Sister’s Place” by Savannah Page. The genre of this novel is women’s fiction. When Mimi, beloved grandmother to Gracie and Juliette,passes away, she leaves the girls the family home,with a stipulation. In order to inherit the family home, Mimi has left Gracie and Juliette the challenge to live together for one year in the home. Although Gracie and Juliette are sisters, they have not been close. Mimi has also left the sisters letters for each season. Gracie is the older sister and is a para legal and is very responsible. Juliette is artistic, and free and easy. I found that the author discusses family, love, life, responsibility, trust, and hope. Will Mimi’s plan work and make the sisters best friends? I enjoyed the sisters’ adventures and journeys,and I would recommend this book.

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