“The Roman” by Sylvain Reynard

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In “The Roman”, Sylvan Reynard brings us along on an adventure with Vampyres,the Curia-the enemy of supernatural things, the church, The Roman, the ruler of all Vampyres of all Italy, and the Prince, the ruler of Florence(underworld of supernatural beings) The author’s descriptions of the museums and art are amazing
In my opinion, you would need to read the other books in the series to follow along.
Raven, one of the main characters helps restore art and was saved by the Prince of Florence after she has been attacked. The Prince of Florence is known also as William. William looks after Raven, and this is where the two worlds collide: supernatural and human.
Vampyres are fighting for power, and the church is fighting for power, and the Curia is fighting for a balance. There is danger, conspiracy, betrayal, and a fight for survival. The author also describes redemption, hope and love. I would highly recommend this book as the finale of the series. I do suggest reading the other books in this series. I was surprised at the twists and turns and the ending.

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