“The Most Dangerous Place on Earth” Lindsey Lee Johnson

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Published: 1/10/2017
Offered: 11/3/2016


The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Lindsey Lee Johnson

First of all I would like to thank First to Read and the publisher for the ARC of “The Most Dangerous Place on Earth” by Lindsey Lee Johnson. I enjoyed this complex and conflicting novel and would highly recommend it. Lindsey Lee Johnson writes a novel dealing with a cast of characters in an affluent community in a high school setting. This brings many memories of my high school experience, the social and academic pressures, great memories, and sad ones. Lindsey Lee Johnson starts weaving her tale in eighth grade, where we meet a group of young students, that have been growing up together and formed friendships. In my opinion we see the start of bullying, dysfunctional friendships, peer pressures, and lack of maturity.As the students adapt to high school, we now add the internet, social networking, cell phones, and various media. Bullying is now more serious via the modern internet, and the recording of students events at its worst plays out.Drugs, paying for higher test scores, alcohol, lack of respect and motivation is evident, as is the issue of entitlement. The teachers in this setting deal with their own insecurities, and flaws. The parents are depicted as not involved or too involved in their children’s progress. Often there seem to be no boundaries set either in the high school or at home. There are some tragic events. In the search for self worth , there is much pain.In my opinion some characters show more growth and are aware of consequences. The author has me questioning and re-thinking many of out modern day problems. Read More


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