Review of “Playing With Trouble” by Joya Ryan

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Montlake Romance for the ARC of “Playing With Trouble” by Joya Ryan. The genre of this novel is romantic fiction. Laura Baughman returns to her hometown after being away 10 years to take over the family Flower Shop. Returning after a failed marriage, Laura is surprised to find out that her father has closed the Flower Shop and has a huge warehouse that supplies wood chips, and outdoor supplies. In addition, Laura is in shock when she finds out that her father’s foreman is a former high school geek, Jake Lock. Jake Lock is now a strong responsible and “hot” man, and Laura’s father depends on him to run the business.
Laura wants to start up the flower side of the business. Her father proposes that both Laura and Jake work together for a month, and he will determine who will be the boss. He is ready to retire.
Laura has made up her mind that she isn’t interested in dating, and wants to concentrate on business. Jake also wants to concentrate on business, and Laura.
I find that the author has written a sexy, easy predictable read.

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