Review of ” The Hidden Thread” by Liz Trenow

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Sourcebook Landmark for the ARC of “The Hidden Thread” by Liz Trenow for my honest review. The genre for this novel is historical fiction. Liz Trenow sets the timeline in the 1700s in England describing silk weaving , and the English and French weavers. In addition we see how silk is imported and the tariffs and taxes imposed, as well as rioting from the weavers for a fair wage. The author writes about a challenging industry and times, and describes the conflicts.
One of the main characters, Anna Butterfield leaves the countryside after her mother’s death, and comes to the city where her wealthy Uncle sell silk fabrics. It is the hope that Anna will meet a wealthy husband that can also provide for her father and sister. Anna misses the fresh air of the country and her love of drawing and painting realistic pictures of nature. Anna meets Henri, a French immigrant who is an apprentice to be a weaver, and his goal is to become a Master weaver.
Anna and Henri have a complicated relationship. Anna’s Aunt and Uncle remind Anna that she is of a certain social class, and has to have relationships within that class.
Annas’ drawings and paintings inspire Henri to weave them into his artistic silk tapestry.
The author writes about silk, weaving, betrayal, honor, social class, hope, family, love and vision. I would recommend this novel if you like the genre of historical fiction.

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