Review of “The General’s Women” by Susan Wittig Albert

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I would like to thank NetGalley and the Independent Book Publishers Association(BPA) for the ARC of “The General’s Women” by Susan Wittig Albert, for my honest review. “The genre of “The General’s Women” is historical fiction.
The author writes about General Dwight Eisenhower during the timeline of World War Two when American entered the war, with England, and Europe. I find that the author describes General Dwight Eisenhower as dedicated, hardworking, an organizer, and a planner. The General is very stressed and to alleviate it, likes to play golf, bridge. ride horses and loves dogs.
The author in setting the story introduces us to Kay Summersby, an Irish volunteer driver in London, who is assigned to drive Eisenhower around. Kay Summersby at the time is getting divorced and planning to marry an American, who is also getting a divorce. Kay has driven ambulances during the bombings in London, and is adept in driving in darkened damaged streets. Dwight becomes dependent on Kay’s ability as a driver, and enjoys her company.
The author also describes Mamie Eisenhower,who is in Washington as a jealous, overbearing, insecure and manipulating wife. Mamie is portrayed as constantly tired and at times is physically weak. Mamie is proud of her husband, but really isn’t involved with the wartime secrets. Mamie is extremely jealous.
Eisenhower and Kay become friends, and companions. Dwight is always busy, but when he has free time, he rides horses, or plays bridge with Kay. Kay becomes more than a driver and assists in the offices,responding to certain letters, and setting up activities for the men.
When Mamie sees a picture in Life Magazine of Dwight with his team, Kay included, she is furious. Mamie’s social circle of friends constantly add to Mamie’s frustration.
Susan Wittig Albert describes Eisenhower and Kay’s friendship to more like an “affair” during this time. She bases this on” “Kay’s Memoirs”,”Ikes” letters”, and fellow officers wartime diaries”,as well as news clippings.”
We do know that after the war Eisenhower becomes president and is with Mamie. I did enjoy this novel of” The General’s Women” and would recommend this to anyone who likes historical fiction.

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