My review of “The Bloom Girls: by Emily Cavanagh

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I would like to thank NetGalley, and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC of “The Bloom Girls” by Emily  Cavanagh for my honest review. The genre of this novel is Women’s Fiction. I find that the author describes her characters as complex and conflicted.. The novel revolves around the death of the father of the three Bloom daughters. Each of the sisters, Cal, Suzy, and Violet, have their own individual emotional baggage, and are not really close. Cal was the only sister who regularly kept contact with their father, after their parent’s divorce.
The father had lost his job when there were some accusations against him, and he moved away. To Violet and Suzy, his moving away from them caused much resentment.
In this story, the women are struggling with their individual issues, and their memories of their life with their father when he was alive. They have feelings of guilt, anger, confusion and are mourning.
The author describes a dysfunctional family searching for answers of the past, current, and future . This novel is about family,love,growth and hope. I would recommend this novel for those that like Women’s Fiction.

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