My Review of “Crossing the Street ” by Molly D. Campbell

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I would like to thank NetGalley, Story Plant, and Molly D. Campbell for the ARC of “Crossing the Street” by Molly D. Campbell for my honest review.
The genre for this book is Women’s Fiction.
I found that Molly D. Campbell describes flawed, complex, and complicated characters. These characters are likeable at times, and not likeable at times. These characters remind me of my friends, neighbors, and family.
Rebecca is friends with Ella, an eighty year old neighbor. Rebecca comes from a dysfunctional family and shows anger and hostility towards her sister for marrying her old boyfriend. Her sister and husband are now expecting a baby.
Rebecca writes erotic novels to support herself and also works at Starbucks. Ella gets news that her great grand daughter is going to be coming to live with her. Ella’s grandson is in the service overseas. Ella is frail and falls, and Rebecca helps both Ella and Bob, her great grand daughter.
Bob is eight years old and is quite mature and precocious. Although Bob is a young girl who has had a tough time while her Dad is away, she seems to have “adult” reasoning. She teaches her Grandmother to text and e-mail. Bob helps Rebecca cook, and tries to help with Rebecca’s relationships. I really liked Bob! She has lots of spunk.
I find that Molly D. Campbell, shows growth and understanding, the importance of friends,neighbors and family, and love of animals. The author also shows emotion through her characters, anger, hate, forgiveness, compassion,and love.
I enjoyed this book and would recommend it highly. I had a few “Kleenex” moments.

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