“What’s Going on With You and All Those Books?” or What Are Those Book Definitions?” By Linda Zagon (Written in 2017)



cropped-linda_logo.pngWritten Two Years Ago 2017

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening( it’s all in the perspective” everyone?) I have been asked by a few friends if I am in the “Book Business”.(or friends of friends who were afraid to ask.)

To set the record straight I am not getting paid to read books or review them. It sort of is a hobby for me. I always have read books. During the many years I taught, I belonged to every educational book company, and I provided my own books for the children in the classroom, at my own expense.  I loved using literature in all subject content and motivated the children with drama, music, and art.  If you remember all the books I left at the school and took home, I still have some children’s books and teacher’s books! Mostly I had read non-fiction magazines and books at that time.  I guess when “Fifty Shades ” came out that opened the opportunity to start reading again!  Whatever it takes!!

After the year, that raccoons, squirrels, possums, mice and whatever decided to live rent-free in my house(especially the garage, and attic) I had to throw away hundreds of books that were shelved in my heated garage. (At great cost, our visitors were evicted). I went to Nook and Kindle tablets. I did like that you could make the print as big as you wanted, and in current years the lighting is great. For your information, I have the Kindle Paperwhite, the Voyager and the Oasis.  Which I like best is a discussion for another day. I also have the Nook Glowlight. Lewis, my husband reads some of what he calls, “manly” books (Baldacci,  Lee Childs,etc.) and it is silly for us to pay twice. Reading on my I-Pad is glaring, and I get a headache.

I started to get hardcover and paperback books again when the cost of Kindle and Nook books went to $14.99 and now $15.99. The problem, where to store them. I love the feel of a regular book, and I sometimes push buttons that aren’t there or swipe at the book.  I also have signed editions. A Signed book is like a “Hug ” from an author.

If you like to read books, I suggest GOODREADS. Not only does that keep track of your books, but you can also get recommendations based on what you read. You can also follow and even message your favorite authors.

If you don’t mind writing a review, a good place to get  FREE books is NetGalley and Edelweiss. Many of these books are ARCs: ADVANCED READING COPIES, or ARE : ADVANCED READING EDITIONS. Both of these are e-books or paperback that haven’t been published. They may not be in a completed format yet.  The sign up is free, and there is an opportunity to read books that you might not have read. Also there is a chance you might be reading a future bestseller. Your review could be a simple review.  Even though these are free, I still buy books, because I enjoy them. 

As for reviewing, I read and review and write from what my heart says. Not every book I read is right for you. My husband complains about my grammar, as well as my cooking.  I read books from The New York Times Review, USA Bestsellers, and Oprah.  I just don’t understand why some of these books are bestsellers and don’t agree, but what I read is my choice.  To agree to disagree is one’s choice.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at lzagon@yahoo.com, and please visit lindasbookobsession.blog/( at WordPress )and maybe you can give me your suggestions. This is a work in progress. I never wrote a blog, and my grandson Michael is impressed. He wants to write a blog, too.  (He is way to young)   There are some wonderful Facebook Book clubs, and amazing, book reviewers, influencers and bloggers.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Happy reading. By the way, my dog gets me up at 4:00 AM, so I do much of my reading then.

I think what makes me the happiest is being able to share my love of literature and to “turn people” on to the love of reading!!

Warmest regards, Linda


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