My Review of “It Happens All the Time” by Amy Hatvany


Kudos to Amy Hatvany for writing such a controversial  and heartwrenching novel. In “It Happens All the Time”, the topic of rape and assault is discussed.

The genres of this novel are Contemporary Fiction  and Women’s Fiction.

The author vividly describes her two characters as conflicted, complicated and troubled. Amber and Tyler have been friends for many years. Tyler comes from a home where his father bullied and abused him. As a result, Tyler experiences anxiety attacks. Amber has problems with her body image and becomes anorexic. Both friends are supportive and encouraging of one another.

The tragedy of this story is when one night Amber and Tyler are drinking and become intoxicated. Amber is engaged to another man, and is confused, and Tyler has different feelings for Amber that are not reciprocated. There is dancing and kissing, and more liquor. Things progress too rapidly , and Amber tries to put a stop to what is going on. Unfortunately Tyler does not get the message to stop.

The consequences of this night change Amber and Tyler’s lives.  Amber is shattered by the fact that someone that she trusted and cared for betrayed her. Tyler vacillates in his feelings of what happened  and makes excuses to himself.

This was an emotional read for me, and I feel this issue is so very relevant in today’s society.  Both young women and men should be better educated about appropriate behavior, and what the word “No” means. Also there are pressures and entitlements to these young people who sometimes just want what they want, and can’t take responsibility for their actions. Another issue is the abundance of alcohol and drugs served at parties and colleges. Parents should prepare their children to be responsible.

I would highly recommend this book as a must read.

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