My Review of “Walk of Shame” by Lauren Layne

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Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne
Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly)
by Lauren Layne (Goodreads Author)


Linda Zagon‘s review

Apr 15, 2017 ·  edit
really liked it

I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group- Loveswept and Lauren Layne for the ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of “Walk of Shame” by Lauren Layne for my honest review. The genre of this novel is Romance.
The author describes her characters as complex, complicated, insecure and emotional.
The two main characters, Georgie, and Andrew meet while moving into an exclusive upper class apartment complex, at the same time. Both are fighting for the elevator. Georgie is a party going socialite, who usually comes home about 5:00 AM. Andrew is a Divorce Attorney and workaholic who is first leaving for the day at 5:00AM. Georgie comes in with donuts for the doorman, and takes one as she heads upstairs. Andrew is drinking his protein drink and goes to the gym before he leaves for work. Georgie is a romantic and believes in fairytale endings. Andrew deals with realism all day long, and thinks that Georgie is ridiculous. Both spar with other at 5:00AM in the morning when they see each other. As a matter of fact, outgoing and friendly Georgie seems totally ridiculous to Andrew. Is it true that opposites can be attracted to one another or kill each other?
I thought that this was a charming, delightful, sexy read and would recommend it.

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