My Review of “Rich People Problems” by Kevin Kwan

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I would like to thank NetGalley, Doubleday Books, Doubleday, and Kevin Kwan for the ARC of “Rich People Problems” by Kevin Kwan for my honest review.
The Genre of this book is Women’s Fiction. Please note that this is the third book in a series of books by the author. I have not read the other two books.
Kevin Kwan describes many of the locations in Asia, as well places in the rest of the world in a delightful, easy to visualize paradise. He describes the beautiful shades of water and landscape in such an alluring way. I appreciate the way the author describes Tyersall Park on 64 acres in Singapore, and the interior designs, as well as the architectural designs in other places.
The characters are described as complex, complicated, competitive, greedy, vain, manipulative, jealous,secretive and rich. There a few characters that have integrity and flaws. The author describes all the materialistic fashions, jewelry, cars and design houses with a “NAME” that costs a fortune. Many of the characters are portrayed as shallow, and visit plastic surgeons, and live to get more and better than the others. There is jealousy and revenge.
Kevin Kwan writes about Asia’s most prestigious and wealthy families. Many have fortune and wealth and fancy titles.
Su-Yi, the powerful and wealthy Matriarch is on her deathbed, as close and distant relatives congregate waiting to see who will inherit Tyersall Park. At the same time, the author describes the toxic relationships of various relatives and characters. Traditions, religion and expectations are discussed.
This was an intriguing read, and I would recommend this to those of you that have read the other two books in the series. I would rate this book as 3.5 stars. Happy Reading!

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