“The Ropes that Bind”. Tracy Stopler


Kudos to the author Tracy Stopler for the professional and amazing research and storytelling in the book “The Ropes that Bind” by Tracy Stopler.  “The Ropes that Bind” is written as fiction , but is based on a true story.  The Genres of this novel are Fiction and Woman’s Fiction.

The author introduces us to Tali Stark, as a child, who is running late to go to school. It is a rainy day, and her Mom can’t walk her. Her mother reminds her to go straight to school.   The family lives in a safe community. A white limousine pulls up, and the driver, “THE MAN” asks young Tali where a street is. Tali want to be helpful and points out the street. It is pouring, and the man suggests she come in and close the car door. The man threatens her and her family if she ever tells what happens.  Somehow, Tali survives, traumatized, and gets to school, but sits in the bathroom in shock and in silence.

This silence and secrets of what happened still is very much part of  grown up Tali.  Tali can be described as conflicted,complicated, insecure, very bright and inquisitive. Tali functions at a high level in her academic achievement. There are some characters that Tali does meet that are supportive, encouraging, positive and loving.

I love that Tracy Stopler shows us the weaknesses, and frailty in Tali that lead to growth,  strength, courage and freedom. Tali goes on an emotional, psychological and spiritual journey . Tali has mentors, friends, family, friends, and lovers that stand by her. Tali is able to share what happened and wants to help others, with a strong voice.

The subject matter is disturbing and almost has a “taboo” feel, but it is dealt with in an intriguing and captivating way.  This happened many years before.  In my opinion,this is something that should be brought up and dealt with more,  There should be more laws informing the neighborhoods, and schools of sexual predators. There should also be more education for children at home and in school to reinforce  positive ways to be protected.  It is not okay to stay silent if something is off, or something happens. Children should be made to feel safe in their environments so that they can feel comfortable and have  strong support systems. Children shouldn’t have to be silent and keep secrets. Children should be safe!

I appreciate the way that the author describes the characters and the storyline in a positive, captivating and intriguing way. This is a book that should be read!!

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