My Review of ” Allie and Bea” by Catherine Ryan Hyde”

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I would like to thank NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing, and Catherine Ryan Hyde for the ARC of “Allie and Bea” by Catherine Ryan Hyde for my honest review.
The Genres of this novel are General Fiction(Adult) and Women’s Fiction.
I love the way that Catherine Ryan Hyde describes the scenic Pacific coastline, beaches and quaint resting places.
The characters are described as complex and complicated. The two main characters are portrayed as “victims” of rules set in place that are not working for their benefit. As a result, they are running away from their circumstances.
The two character have some similarities, but many more differences. Bea is an over seventy year old widow who has been victimized in a scam and has lost all her money. She leaves with her 18 year old cat in an old van, with a sour outlook on life. Allie is a young 15 year old teenager, who is taken by social services when her affluent parents are put in jail for tax fraud. Allie meets with difficulties, and runs away. Allie is frank, honest, naive, and feels lost.
The unlikely duo meet and form a mixed friendship to survive. They go on adventures and both learn many things on their travels together.
I love the way the author writes about family, friends, trust, betrayal, loyalty, love and hope. This is such a charming and endearing read, and I recommend this highly.

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