My Review of “Something Like Family” by Heather Burch

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I love the many layers and storytelling of “Something Like Family” by Heather Burch, Lake Union Publishing, 2017.

I appreciate that the author deals with relevant issues of Veterans of War and Drug Addiction, and the effects on family members.

The Genres of this story  are Women’s Fiction and  Fiction.

The story takes place mostly in the present, in a small town where everyone know you and helps out. Neighbors look out for one another.

The characters can be described as complex and complicated. Rave Wayne is a young man who has been abandoned by his drug addicted mother for years, and has no idea if she is dead or alive. Although Rave  is bitter and angry he befriends a young woman , who is pregnant, who has a son. Rave helps and comes to love the little boy. Rave and the woman enter into a relationship, until she ends it. Rave again feels abandoned. The author describes dysfunctional families.

At the same time his Grandfather Tuck has been looking to reunite. Rave didn’t know that he had a Grandfather that is alive, and heads to the small town. Rave is one of my favorite characters. He shows compassion,helpfulness, courage and growth.

The author writes about abandonment, betrayal, loyalty, memories, forgiveness, courage, love and hope. I appreciate that the author also writes about friends, neighbors, and family. What is a family?

I enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it. There are some Kleenex moments. I received this ARC for my honest review.

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