My Review of “No Time to Say Goodbye” by Bill Adler, Jr.

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image “No Time to Say Goodbye” by Bill Adler, Jr, Claren Books,2017 is a novella, and the Genres of this book are Time Travel, Science Fiction,, Mystery and Romance. I have received an Arc of this novel for my honest review. I would give this novella 3.5 stars.

If you like Science Fiction, this is a three chapter novella packed with intrigue, adventure, time travel and mystery.

I like the way that the author describes his characters. They are complicated and complex. Dr. Dennis Tanner lives a simple life with his beloved wife Rachel. He is a dedicated physician. Dennis gets up to go to the bathroom, which should take a few minutes, and notices there is a discrepancy in several hours. He has no idea of what is happening.

Then longer intervals of time seem to be happening. Dennis is aware is he in some type of time travel, and doesn’t understand why or how. All he knows, is that he is terrified of losing his wife Rachel and his  life as he knows it. Dennis wakes up in strange places. There seems to be short intervals where he is traveling forward in time.

Why, where, and how is this happening to Dennis? If you like Science Fiction and time travel I would recommend this novella. Happy Reading!



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