My review of “The Lost Letter”. By Jillian Cantor

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I love everything about “The Lost Letter” by Jillian Cantor. The publisher is Penquin Group, Riverhead and the publishing date is June 13, 2017. The genres of this book are Historical Fiction and Fiction. Kudos to Jillian Cantor for the beautiful storytelling and descriptions of the locations in this novel. The timeline of this story is both World War Two and in the time when the wall came down between East and West Germany, both significant times in history. The locations take place in Austria, Germany, England and the United States. The characters are complex and complicated. In the turbulent time of World War Two, there is betrayal and secrets. Some of the characters during this time period are brave and courageous and hold on to their beliefs of a free Austria. These characters take risks to survive the German occupation In the present timeline in the book, the wall is coming down between East and West Germany. Many of the characters are looking for answers and are fighting for freedom. I love the way that the author has both past and present like puzzle pieces, that have to be put together I appreciate the research the author has done on stamps and engraving, and the significance in history. Everything about this book is amazing, and intriguing. I recommend this book tremendously! Happy Reading! I received an ARC of this book for my honest review.

1 comments on “My review of “The Lost Letter”. By Jillian Cantor”

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