My Review of “The Map That Leads to You” by J.P. Monninger

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image Kudos to J.P. Monninger for her storytelling in “The Map That Leads to You” by J.P. Monninger.  OMG! I can’t believe that a book can emit so many emotions.  I loved everything about this book, was happy, got angry, and cried hysterically.

The genres of this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance. This book has a touch of Nicholas Sparks, who does have a quote on the cover, “Romantic and Unforgettable.”

The characters are complicated and complex.  They are mostly likeable, and at times not so likeable. This book reminds me of a rite of passage. Three friends who started college, graduate and celebrate by vacationing in Europe before they have to face their “grown up” lives and responsibility. The three young women start their adventure and meet some interesting characters that will change their lives forever!

I love the way that the author describes the many destinations in Europe. I felt and probably wished I was going for the ride on their adventure. One of the characters that the girls meet has his grandfather’s journal with drawings of pictures and places that the grandfather had been to. The author describes many of these places of personal significance to some of the characters.

In my opinion, the author describes this novel as a map of life, of youth, of growth, of learning, of disappointment, of happiness, of love and hope.  Life is a cycle and this book is a cycle of life., a journey of life.

I highly recommend this book and suggest that you have a box of tissues and a shoulder to cry on. Happy Reading! This is a book that I will read again and again! I can see this being made into a movie!! I want to thank St. Martins Press for an ARE(advanced reading edition) for my honest review!

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