Meeting Authors: Julia Fierro, Julie Buntin, and Miranda Beverly-Whittemore at The Book Revue

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I had the pleasure of meeting three wonderful authors: Julie Buntin, “Marlena”, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore ,”June” and Julia Fierro, “The Gypsy Moth Summer”.The authors each explained something about their books and read an excerpt from each of their books. I can’t wait to read them! They all sound so wonderful. I wish there were more hours in  a day for reading!

imageThis wonderful author panel talked about a theme that is in everyone’s book. Also there was a discussion of writing about sex in literature. No one fell asleep. That was for sure!

There was a nice size audience, and from what I heard, people had an enjoyable time. There was also swag, slap bracelets, and candy, courtesy of the three ladies.

I had an entertaining, informative and enjoyable evening! So nice to meet you, Julia, Miranda and  Julie !!

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