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Wow!Wow! Wow! Kudos to  Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg,author of “EDEN” for such an intriguing and amazing story. I love the way the author weaves the story of several generations of families that Eden is a home to. The genres of this novel are Fiction(Adult) and Historical Fiction.

The characters are described as complicated and complex. The timeline in the story vacillates between the past  and the present day.  I can see how “Eden” is built as a house that becomes a “home” to the various family members, over the years. Certain traditions continue through the years.  The artistic descriptions of the home and coastline are breathtaking. The ocean’s beauty and wrath can be seen.

The author describes how the several generations of women tried to conform to the standards of the time. Many years ago, certain illnesses such as epilepsy had to be kept quiet. Single pregnant women went “away” and had to give their babies away.  Many years ago mental illness and  depression carried more of a stigma. As the years progressed standards did change, but there were different stigmas.

 As we are introduced to each family member, we can see that Eden holds a special bond of family meetings and traditions. In each generation, there are hardships and heart breaks and secrets. The secrets from the past continue to play a part in the present.

There is a possibility that this will be the last summer at Eden, due to financial problems. There are differences of opinions how this problem should be dealt with. Will this be the end of a generational family tradition?

The author discusses such topics as family, love, traditions, secrets, and hope.

I would highly recommend this novel for readers who love historical literature. family and love. This novel had me captivated and I didn’t want it to end. I received a copy of this novel for my honest review!  Happy Reading!!!


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