My Review of “The Trust” by Ronald H. Balson

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What an amazing and captivating novel,”The Trust” by Ronald H. Balson is. Ronald H. Balson is the author of “Once We Were Brothers” and “Karolina’s Twins.” If you are a Ronald  H. Balson fan, this latest novel will not disappoint.   The genres of this novel are Fiction, and Mystery.

The author describes his characters as complicated and complex. The two main characters, Private Investigator Liam Taggert and his Attorney wife Catherine are involved in this novel. Liam gets a phone call that his Uncle Fergus has died and heads to Northern Ireland. Liam and his Uncle Fergus had a falling out sixteen years prior, and have had no contact. Liam had once been very close to his Uncle, and has deep regrets that he hadn’t reached out to him.

It seems that Uncle Fergus anticipated his death, and has been murdered. Liam finds himself in the position of executor of his Uncle’s trust. Uncle Fergus has  a provision that his killer be found before his estate can be inherited. Many of the Taggert family view Liam as an outsider, and want him to leave. Threatening notes start showing up in Liam’s and other relatives’ mailboxes. There are threats, and other murders.

Ronald H. Balson describes the political history in Ireland, and the past conflicts. I appreciate that the author has done much research in the history of Ireland. Could these murders be revenge from a rival family? Could these murders be  from a family member?

There are twists and turns in this story. The author’s storytelling is intriguing and descriptive giving us certain clues. There is adventure, and danger. Who can be trusted?

I enjoyed reading this novel and didn’t want to put the book down. I would recommend this story to Ronald H. Balson fans and  for those who  like a great mystery, complex characters and motives. I received a copy of this ARC for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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