My Review of “THE TRUTH WE BURY” by Barbara Taylor Sissel




Kudos to Barbara Sissel, author of “THE TRUTH WE BURY” for such an exciting and descriptive and entertaining story. The genres of this novel are Women’s Fiction, Adult Fiction, Mystery and Suspense.

The author describes her characters as conflicted and complicated. and flawed. The story is narrated by the alternating perspectives of two mothers , whose children are about to get married.  Both families are dysfunctional in many ways and have SECRETS. Shea and AJ are engaged to be married in a few weeks.  Both mothers find fault with their children’s significant other, and are truly not happy about the impending marriage.

One of the girls in the Bridal party is found dead in AJ’s apartment and all clues seem to indicate that AJ might be responsible. AJ has PSTD from being in Afghanistan, and in the past he has made some bad choices and has a temper. There is a major problem that no one seems to know where AJ is.  Is AJ guilty?

This novel has twists and turns, and some characters are very suspicious. There are other murders, and threatening actions that takes the reader on some suspenseful adventure.

Barbara Sissel brings up questions that are so relevant today. How should victims of PSTD  be accepted and treated? How can family secrets of the past affect family relationships? How should a person accused of a crime be treated? How do you show acceptance of differences in physical appearances and social status?

I love the way the author discusses, family, friends, community, secrets, betrayal, loyalty, support, love, hope and  faith.  This is an amazing and captivating novel that I highly recommend. Thank you to Lake Union Publishing, NetGalley and Barbara Sissel for the Advanced Reading Copy(ARC) for my honest review and opinion.




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