My Review of “THE PARIS SPY” by Susan Elia MacNeal

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The Paris Spy (Maggie Hope Mystery #7)

bySusan Elia MacNeal(Goodreads Author)

American-born spy and code-breaker extraordinaire Maggie Hope secretly navigates Nazi-occupied France to find two brave women during the darkest days of World War II in the latest novel in this New York Times bestselling series—“a treat for WWII buffs and mystery lovers alike.” (Booklist, on The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent)

Maggie Hope has come a long way since serving as a typist for Winston Churchill. Now she’s working undercover for the Special Operations Executive in the elegant but eerily silent city of Paris, where SS officers prowl the streets in their Mercedes and the Ritz is draped with swastika banners. Walking among the enemy is tense and terrifying, and even though she’s disguised in chic Chanel, Maggie can’t help longing for home.

But her missions come first. Maggie’s half sister, Elise, has disappeared after being saved from a concentration camp, and Maggie is desperate to find her—that is, if Elise even wants to be found. Equally urgent, Churchill is planning the Allied invasion of France, and SOE agent Erica Calvert has been captured, the whereabouts of her vital research regarding Normandy unknown. Maggie must risk her life to penetrate powerful circles and employ all her talents for deception and spycraft to root out a traitor, find her sister, and locate the reports crucial to planning D-Day in a deadly game of wits with the Nazi intelligence elite.

“You’ll be [Maggie Hope’s] loyal subject, ready to follow her wherever she goes.”—O: The Oprah Magazine(less)

 MY Review of “THE PARIS SPY”
I enjoyed “The Paris Spy” by Susan Elia MacNeal. The genres of this story are Historical Fiction,  Fiction, and Mystery.  The timeline of the story is during World War Two, and takes place mostly in Paris, and London.
This is the seventh novel in a series of books. This is the first book that I have read, but I found it easy to keep up with the characters. I don’t think it is necessary to read the other books, but I would like to.
The author describes the characters as complex and complicated. There is loyalty and betrayal, and good and evil.  Maggie Hope goes to Nazi-occupied France to look for two women. Maggie is working undercover and is pretending to be Irish and looking at Paris fashions for her wedding. She is staying at the elegant Ritz Hotel that is has swastika banners all over. She gets to meet Coco Chanel, who is staying there.
 I appreciate the research of World War Two activities in Paris and France, and how the emotional upheaval is evident. The author’s descriptions of the surroundings , landscape and people is interesting.  There is espionage, double agents, and hazards,
It is a very dangerous time, and other agents are missing, and communication seems to be difficult. Who do you trust? I found this novel to be exciting, captivating, intriguing and enjoyable, and would highly recommend this. I look forward to reading more novels in this series by the author. I received this Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.

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