My Review of “JACK WITH A TWIST” by Brenda Janowitz

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Goodreads Blurb

Jack with a Twist: Engaging Your Adversary and Other Things They Don’t Teach You in Law School (Brooke Miller #2)

by Brenda Janowitz (Goodreads Author)
In this sequel to Scot on the Rocks, things go awry for Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller when her family doesn’t get along with the family of her fianc Jack. Even worse–the litigator against her in the big court case on which she’s the lead attorney is Jack. Original.
Paperback, 375 pages
Published July 1st 2008 by Red Dress Ink (first published June 24th 2008)
0373895550 (ISBN13: 9780373895557)
Edition Language


 MY REVIEW OF “JACK WITH A  TWIST” by Brenda Janowitz
I had an entertaining and enjoyable time reading “Jack With a Twist by Brenda Janowitz.
This is the book following “Scot on the Rocks”.  Reading “Jack With a Twist” can be read as a standalone, but since I loved reading  “Scot on the Rocks”, I wanted to read more in the lives of the characters.
The genres for this book are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance and Chick-Lit. Especially after reading “heavy” books, sometimes I need an easier and lighter ” feel good” book that makes me chuckle and laugh. I love Brenda Janowitz’s humor and wit.
The characters Brooke and Jack as well as their families, friends  are back again. Some new quirky characters have been added. The author describes her characters as likable, and flawed. Brooke and Jack are engaged, living together and finalizing their wedding arrangements.  Both families meet and have very opposite views on where the wedding should be, and what food should be served. Then of course, Brooke has to get “the wedding dress” which is no easy task.
The good news is that Jack is made a partner in his law firm, and Brooke is enjoying practicing law in her new firm. Are you ready for the bad news? Well, if you consider it bad news. Both  Jack and Brooke are trying the same confidential high profile case on opposing sides. Jack also has a sexy assistant helping him.  Both Brooke and Jack are “serving” each other for legal documents.
I have to say the shenanigans and anything to do with wedding adventures that go on are quite funny. This is an amusing, delightful romantic book that I would highly recommend. I received a copy of this book for my honest review. Look forward to the 2017 re-release of “Jack With a Twist” in August 2017.

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