My Review of “ROYALLY ROMANOV” by Teri Wilson

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Royally Romanov (The Royals #2)

by Teri Wilson (Goodreads Author)
3.9  ·  Rating Details ·  29 Ratings  ·  24 Reviews

In this charming modern day retelling of the 1956 classic Anastasia, a museum curator falls for a mysterious man who may or may not be a long lost heir to Russia’s imperial Romanov dynasty.

Finley Abbot is organizing the most prestigious art exhibit of her career at the Louvre museum—a retrospective of art from the House of Romanov. But the sudden appearance of Maxim Romanov threatens to turn her into the biggest laughingstock of the art world. When she finds herself falling in love, she realizes there’s even more at stake than her career. How can she trust a man with her whole world when he can’t remember a thing about his past?

After suffering a violent blow to the head, Maxim’s only clue to his identity is a notebook containing carefully researched documentation in his own handwriting indicating that he is the sole surviving descendant of the Grand Duchess Anastasia, previously thought dead in the murder of her family during Russia’s Bolshevik revolution. His struggle to put the mysterious pieces of his past back together leads him to Finley. At first, she’s convinced Maxim is nothing but a con artist. But there’s something undeniably captivating about the beautiful, brooding man who claims to be searching for his identity—something Finley can’t quite bring herself to resist. When he reveals a secret about one of the imperial Fabergé eggs in the collection, she accepts he may actually be telling the truth. But as soon as Finley and Maxim act on their feelings for one another, Maxim is confronted with evidence that calls into question everything he’s begun to believe about himself. (less)


  • Royally Romanov by Teri Wilson
    Royally Romanov (The Royals, #2)
    by Teri Wilson (Goodreads Author)

    Release date: Jul 17, 2017
    In this charming modern day retelling of the 1956 classic Anastasia, a museum curator falls for a mysterious man who may or may not be a long lost hei …more

    Format:Kindle book

    Giveaway ends in:2 days and 21:35:22

    Availability:100 copies available, 321 people requesting

    Giveaway dates:Jul 14 – Jul 22, 2017

    Countries available:US

  • “Royally Romanov” by Teri Wilson is a delightful retelling of the “1956 classic of Anastasia”. The genres of this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction and Romance.
  • Terri Wilson describes the characters as complex, and complicated. In this novel, Finley is an author and curator in a museum specializing in the Romanov history. She is fascinated with the family and the beautiful intricate jewelry.
  • Maxim wakes up in a hospital  after an attack, and has no memory of what happened. His only clues are from the journal the Detective gives him. He finds out that his name is Maxim, and in the back it says that he is Maxim Romanov.
  • The timeline of the story is in the present, and takes place in Paris, France.
  • Maxim goes to the bookstore where Finley is representing her book on the Romanov Family history, trying to get some information, and meets Finley. Somehow the two feel a deep attraction. Finley’s past reminds her what has happened to Maxim, and she can relate.
  • I love the way the author describes the museum, and Paris. It sounds so romantic and appealing.
  • Will Maxim find out who he is? Is it possible that he is a Romanov? Is it possible for Finley and Maxim to have a Fairytale ending?
  • I would recommend this charming, enchanting and delightful novel for those readers that enjoy a light and easy read. I received an ARC for my honest review.

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