My Review of “The Next” by Stephanie Gangi

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Did you ever feel that you read a story that was “Out of this World”?  “The Next” by Stephanie Gangi has this criteria. Stephanie Gangi has written an unique, creative, hauntingly descriptive story. I appreciate the way that the author has cleverly woven her tale. The genres for this novel are “Fiction, Para-Normal, and Ghoststory. The timeline for this story is mostly in the past few years and present.

The characters are described as complex, complicated, confused,  and dysfunctional. My favorite character is Tom who is attentive, protective, loving, comforting and loyal.  Joanna DeAngelis is being taken care of by her two daughters and Tom, as she lays terminal in her bed. Joanna’s ex-husband visits her bedside and shares some information with her. Her ex-lover, her “soul-mate” Ned has betrayed and left her. Joanna is a very angry and obsessive women. Using her cellphone, she wants to know everything that Ned is doing.

After Joanna passes away, she rises up as a  spirit seeking revenge and making everything in her life right.  We see glimpses of Joanna’s life when she was healthy. Joanna is capable of doing unusual things when she is in a rage. There is some black humor, and I find it fascinating how Joanna handles things.

I like the way the author describes the need and importance for family. I also appreciate how the sisters find growth. I would recommend this unusual captivating novel for those reader that like this genre. I received a copy of this book from Great Thought, Great Readers Ninja Group for my honest review.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Published October 18th 2016 by St. Martin’s Press
Original Title
The Next
1250110564 (ISBN13: 9781250110565)
Edition Language
  • The Next
  • The Next
  • The Next
  • The Next
  • 111x148

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