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Linda: 1. What were your motivations in writing your novel?



  1. Initially started writing as a way to express myself. Sarah’s story came to me one night while I was falling asleep. However I decided to publish the book because I felt Sarah’s story could be a source of hope and healing for people going through a difficult time and I wanted to share that with them.


Linda: 2. How did you develop the plot and the characters? Are any of the characters based on anyone you know?



  1. I had a rough plot with only a few chapters to start with. But as I wrote the story the characters began to develop themselves. They met new people and had new adventures and experiences that I initially hadn’t planned.

Many aspects of different characters are loosely based on people I know or their experiences are based on real things.


Linda:  3. What are your favorite genres to read?



  1. I love to read Romance novels. But not the cliché romance novels. I instead love books that have strong in depth characters with elements of mystery or adventure. Very similar to what I’ve written.


Linda: 4. Is there a message in your novel that you hope that your readers will understand?


  1. Yes. I want them to realize that life isn’t perfect. We will all go through moments where we wonder if we will ever come out of it. But there is hope. Ask any elderly person who has walked this road of life. The hard days don’t last forever. One day you will wake up and the pain will be gone. Just keep pressing forward, better days are ahead.


Linda:  5. What are some of the things that you enjoy doing the most?


  1. I take pleasure in the little things. I love sitting in the beach listening to the sound of the waves. I love going for a picnic with my family. I love listening to people share their heart with me and of course I love to read!


Linda: 6. Do your dogs  get in the way of your writing? Are there any special stories about your dogs that you would like to share? (I am an animal lover and once you get me started talking about animals…………..)



  1. My dogs have such unique characteristics. Cuddles is the female and she just couldn’t be bothered about Rocky who is the male. But Rocky is such a loveable dog that he will chase Cuddles around all day trying to get her to play with him, or just to get to lay his head on her. Even when she grows at him, he will creep back and lick her to show he loves her.

Most times it’s Rocky who will creep by my feet while I’m working to keep me company.


Linda: 7.  Can you give us any information on your next writing project?



  1. I’m hoping to have my next book finished in the next few months. It’s a different story to this one but has the same heart behind it.


Linda:  8.What is your preferred method for readers to follow you or get in touch with you?



  1. Facebook and Twitter are the best ways. But I check all available social media platforms. I absolutely love chatting to my readers and hearing what they think of the book.


Thank you so much Taryn for answering my questions and sharing so many interesting  thoughts with us!!I deeply appreciate it.


Linda: If you have any other questions for Taryn, with go to @Taryn Leigh’s page or please write them here on LINDAS BOOK OBSESSION.



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