My Review of “AT Wave’s End” by Patricia Perry Donovan

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At Wave’s End

by Patricia Perry Donovan (Goodreads Author)
4.12  ·  Rating details ·  213 Ratings  ·  42 Reviews
When her estranged mother wins a Jersey Shore bed and breakfast in a lottery and heads east to survey the prize, Faith Sterling fears her mother has fallen victim to yet another scam. Their visit to the B & B confirms her suspicions. Wave’s End is not as advertised—it’s nowhere near the beach, it’s sorely in need of an overhaul, and its finances are shaky. But despite Faith’s attempts to dissuade her mother, Connie Sterling is determined to try her hand at running the inn.

A frustrated Faith heads back to Brooklyn, dreading the havoc her mother’s proximity will wreak on her well-ordered and successful life. She doesn’t have to wait long. When a supersized hurricane pummels the East Coast, Faith reluctantly agrees to return and help her mother run Wave’s End…temporarily.

But just as inn life settles into a comfortable rhythm, a grievous secret about Wave’s End surfaces, threatening the inn’s future and fraying the already fragile mother-daughter bonds. (less)

Kindle Edition, 366 pages
Published August 15th 2017 by Lake Union Publishing
Edition Language
I appreciate the way that Patricia Perry Donovan, author for “At Wave’s End” writes about the devastations of  a Hurricane, and how her amazing storytelling skills depict the community and people. The genre of this book is fiction, but it is based on the devastation of Hurricane Sandy 5 years ago. In this novel, the Hurricane is called Nadine, and Nadine is a formidable force to deal with. The timeline of the story is in the present, and the location takes place mainly on the Jersey Shore, and also in Brooklyn, New York, and Miami.
The author describes her characters as complex and complicated, possibly due to the nature of the situation. The characters are strong, courageous, colorful, quirky,  and are like many of the people in our neighborhoods. The characters in this story are diverse.The characters have problems and secrets that affect their lives. I found the story intriguing, and bonded with many of the characters.
Faith Sterling is a chef working in Brooklyn, and often has disagreements with her mother Connie, who at times does compulsive things. It seems that Connie has entered a contest and “won”  a Bed and Breakfast Inn called “Wave’s End” located at the Jersey shore. Of course, ” Waves End” is not as it appears in the pictures, and needs much repair work to make it more presentable. Faith heads to the Jersey shore when a Hurricane is imminent to help her mother.
The hurricane causes a tremendous amount of damage displacing families, their pets, and their belongings. Power is out. In the worst of circumstances, the best in people can be seen. People in the community band together to help one another. “Wave’s End” Inn is used to  give temporary housing to those people in the community who have lost their homes.
Even in times of adversity, the author shows how  the people in the community  help one another in ways that they can. The author discusses the importance of family, friends, love, and hope.
I liked almost all the characters, and I certainly hope that Patricia Perry Donovan writes another book about them. I highly recommend this novel for readers who enjoy fiction, romance and colorful characters. Happy Reading!

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