Lindas Book Obsession Interviews LAUREL SAVILLE, Author or “Beneath the Trees”

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Lindas Book Obsession Interviews  LAUREL SAVILLE “

“Beneath the Trees”




My heart felt thanks for the wonderful questions that Laurel Saville was willing to honestly answer. Thank you for your generosity during the giveaway to “Beneath the Trees” on Lindas Book Obsession.




Questions: Linda                  Answers:Laurel Saville



Laurel Saville and  Linda

Thank you again for your review of my book, the giveaway, and for sharing a Q+A. Answers to your great questions are below.
  • Laurel,
  • Thank you so much in the participation of the giveaway of “Beneath the Trees” and your wonderful interview:
  • Linda:
Are any of the characters in your novel based on any one that you  personally know in your life?
  • Laurel: 
No, the characters usually start from the mish mash of things I collect in my mind over time — random news stories, fragments of people I’ve encountered, personal experiences, alternate lives I’ve imagined for myself. The characters then grow on the page as I put them into situations that drive the plot of the book forward. Before long, it feels like I’m just following the characters around and recording their thoughts and actions.
  • Linda:
What is your motivation for writing “Beneath the Trees?”
Laurel: My last book, “North of Here,” began with an idea about a young girl growing up with a backwoods sort of father. I had some thoughts about exploring her non-traditional upbringing and where that led her. As I began trying to figure out who this character was, my writing took me to her parents first. This process became  “North of Here,” where the young girl appears only at the very end and as a baby. So, “Beneath the Trees” was an attempt to go back and give that girl a book of her own, because she’s an interesting enough character to carry an entire story.


  • Linda 
Are you planning to write another book and if so can you tell us about it?
  • Laurel: There are always ideas simmering, and I’m always sketching and scribbling and thinking. I do have a book I’ve started, but it’s far from ready to discuss.


  • Linda: 
What would you like the reader to come away with after reading your book?
  • Laurel:

A recent Amazon reviewer wrote: “This book inspires you to be a little less judgmental and a lot less busy.” I think this comment sums things up in a rather lovely way.


  • Linda: 
How do you balance your life as an author, family, etc. What do you do for relaxation?
  • Laurel:
I’m not sure I do! I write books, teach classes, do corporate communications work, and am also a dog trainer offering classes and private sessions, so I am constantly shifting gears, direction, and mindsets. For fun and relaxation, I tend to head into the outdoors, whether that’s into the garden or up a mountain or into a body of water, on foot, with a backpack, on a bike or in a kayak. Solitude, with just the company of my dog, is the most restorative for me. It is important, I think, to remember that balance is not stasis, so I do embrace the shifting around that both balance and my life require.
  • Linda:
I love the way you bring up rescued animals, do you have any animals that you have rescued?(personally)
  • Laurel :Yes! I have worked with a few rescue organizations, and am currently a very active volunteer with the Seattle Animal Shelter. I have had several rescue dogs myself and have helped place many dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks. As I write this, I am sharing my office with my rescue dog and a bedraggled rescue hen borrowing my dog’s crate while she’s waiting to go to her forever home, I’m looking at my 3 rescue ducks in the yard,, and I have one rescue cat curled up nearby.
  • Linda: 
How do you suggest that women be treated in an equal way to men?(In the academic and business world?)
This is the best and funniest thing I’ve ever read on the topic. She says it far better than I ever could: annevictoriaclark/the-rock- test-a-hack-for-men-who-dont- want-to-be-accused-of-sexual- harassment-73c45e0b49af
  • Thank you so much to Laurel Saville, author of “Beneath the Trees for such a
  • candid and wonderful interview! Be sure to read her book and visit:
  •    *****













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