My Review of “Little Broken Things” by Nicole Baart , Atria Books, November,2017




imageI am left with many thoughts as I finish “Little Broken Things” “A Novel” by Nicole Baart, Atria Books, November 2017. The timeline of this story is  within the last 5 years, and the setting is mostly in a small  town by the lake. The Genres for this story are mostly Fiction, and Mystery and Suspense.

The author describes her characters as complex, complicated and dysfunctional. I do appreciate that the author describes certain problems that we see in society today.

Quinn Basset is surprised when her estranged sister, Nora arranges to meet her with a cryptic message, “I have something for you.” Nora’s “something” turns out to be not only a tremendous surprise, but Quinn’s family now is in terrible danger.  Nora’s surprise is a little girl named Lucy who looks just like Nora. As soon as Nora leaves Lucy, she quickly departs. Lucy is extremely withdrawn and frightened. Nora had wanted Quinn to keep Lucy a secret from their Mother, who lives across the lake, and from everyone else.

Why is Nora leaving a little girl that looks just like her with her sister? Can you imagine a six-year-old being abandoned, and not knowing why? Why is there all kinds of danger imminent? How will Quinn and the rest of the family deal with this situation?

Both Quinn and Nora have grown up quite comfortably, but in an extremely dysfunctional family. Their father is now deceased, and Liz their mother can either be too laid back or too aggressive. The story moves slowly, but there is some intrigue, suspense and mystery.

Nicole Baart discussed the role of family, especially mother, sisters, and daughters. What exactly is a good mother? …a good sister?…..a good daughter? The author discusses the importance of family, trust, love, support, self-worth, and hope.

I appreciate that the author talks about such issues in society today , as rape, pedophiles, physical and emotional abuse of women and children, neglected and abandoned children, and family problems and entitlement.  These are issues that can’t be neglected or pushed away. Yet, they do exist.  After reading “Little Broken Things”,  I have many thoughts.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Atria Books, Nicole Baart, and the Great Thoughts,Great Readers  Ninjas for an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I would recommend this novel for those readers that enjoy reading a suspenseful read.

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