My Review of ” Dear Dwayne With Love” by Eliza Gordon

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imageMy Review of “Dear Dwayne With Love”, by  Eliza Gordon

Did you ever feel like talking to someone and revealing your dark deepest secrets? Then realized you didn’t feel you could trust a person, but you could write it on a secret blog or diary? In “Dear Dwayne With Love”, by Eliza Gordon, Dani Steele with an “e” does exactly that. In this novel that is fiction, Dani has been writing to a Celebrity Idol, that we shall leave unnamed for now. Dani is 30 years old has been writing to her idol for many years, since  her father had abandoned her family. Dani works in an insurance office, but her dreams are to be an actress.

Eliza Gordon describes are characters as complicated, complex, quirky, and dysfunctional. Dani dreads her boyfriend who at times repulses her, and her overbearing dysfunctional family leaves her feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and expectations.

When Dani learns that her celebrity confident in her diary is hosting  a fund-raising event where the winning new  athlete gets to be part of his new film, Dani decides to try to win. Isn’t that what Dani’s goals are , to meet her secret confidante, that she has been writing all of heartfelt thoughts and problems?

I appreciate that the author describes the importance of self -worth and working for goals that you believe in.  The author talks about the importance of family, friends , emotional support, love and hope. I would recommend this novel for readers who enjoy an entertaining story. I received an Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.

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