Meet Heather Webb, Author of “The Phantom’s Apprentice” An Interview With Lindas Book Obsession

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Meet Heather Webb, Author of “The Phantom’s Apprentice”


Lindas Book Obsession Asked  Heather Webb, Author, Some Questions:


Linda: What was your motivation/inspiration for writing “The Phantom’s Apprentice”?


Heather: Okay, my dear. Here is what inspired me. First, I was inspired by great love of the opera, musicals in general, and of course the stage version and novel of “The Phantom of the Opera”. But I was also heavily inspired by “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern, one of my favorite novels.  That novel, to me, is much less about plot and so much more about atmosphere. It’s an experience, almost, rather than a story. I aimed to channel some of that essence in “The Phantom’s Apprentice”. I wanted to create a lush, Gothic Ambiance that was so unique to the era, make the book an experience of its own. In addition to all of this, I happen to really love writing about the Belle Epoque era, It’s  a favorite of mine, and this story is set right in the heart of it. Most of all, I just want to entertain my readers.!


Linda: What would you like your readers to take away from your story?


Heather: For readers to take away?: A good read! It’s a fast-paced yet lush tale filled with tidbits about the lives of magicians, what happens behind the curtain at an opera house, and the bravery it takes to overcome grief so that one can move forward and come into a newly realized sense of self.


Heather: Thank you Linda


Linda: Thank you so much Heather, for answering my questions. This way the readers get a glimpse into your thoughts. I enjoyed and felt like a had a front row seat when reading “The Phantom’s Apprentice” and highly recommend it.

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