My Review of “About That Kiss” by Jill Shalvis

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image_538655967872474My Review of “About That Kiss” by Jill Shalvis

“About That Kiss ” by Jill Shalvis is a delightful, charming, romantic story with a touch of mystery. Jill Shalvis  describes her  colorful quirky characters as flawed, complicated and sometimes complex. Then again, do you know anyone that is perfect?

Is it nice for a gentleman to kiss and tell? In this story, after Joe an alpha type of guy kisses Kylie on an un-gentlemanly way, it’s a good thing Kylie didn’t hold her breath waiting for Joe to call. Kylie is a talented wood-crafter,  learned from her late grandfather who taught her how to make creative things. Kylie’s parents were too young to raise her, and that job fell to her grandfather. Joe also comes from a dysfunctional family where his father is suffering from PSTD, and locks the doors to the house at least 5 times. Joe helps take care of his sister and father.  Joe now works for a security company that can handle difficult situations.

Kylie sees Joe at work, and they tease each other. Unfortunately something priceless and meaningful to Kylie has been stolen. After getting letters with pictures, Kalie turns to Joe to help her. Both are working together trying to make the pieces of the puzzles fit.

Working so closely is becoming a problem, since both Kylie and Joe can’t forget that kiss. Perhaps trying again, will make them forget, or remember?

I appreciate that Jill Shalvis brings up  the problems of PSTD, and how difficult it is for the person and the family. There should be more help available.

I would recommend this novel for readers that enjoy a romantic story.  Happy Reading !


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