“The Burial Society” by Nina Sadowsky





Nina Sadowsky







Catherine, no last name, doesn’t bury the dead. She rescues the living—from intolerable, abusive, dangerous lives. Her darknet-based witness protection program, The Burial Society, is the last hope for people who desperately need to disappear. Catherine takes care of her clients and provides them with new identities. She is effective and efficient—until a disturbing part of her past comes back with a vengeance.

Years ago, Mallory Burrows came to The Burial Society to escape the terrifying threats of a stalker. But when Catherine fell down on the job, Mallory fell off the face of the earth—leaving her shattered family to face a whirlwind of tabloid rumors and accusations. Powerless to help without exposing her shadowy profession, Catherine could only slip away . . . tormented by her client’s unknown fate.

Now, relocated to Paris and continuing her covert service, Catherine’s done her best to move on. But when the remaining members of the Burrows family suddenly appear in the city, the mystery of Mallory’s vanishing looms large again—and takes a harrowing turn when Mallory’s husband is brutally murdered.

This time, Catherine cannot walk away. Using all the tricks of her unusual trade, she weaves her way through the lives of a family treacherously tangled by infidelity, addiction, paranoia, and secrets that bind as deeply as blood. But the evil of the enemy she’s pursuing runs deeper still—to the bone. And even Catherine’s most cunning skills may not be enough to save herself.





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Copyright Nina R. Sadowsky 2018






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