My Review of “Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties” by Camille Pagan

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image_538974065013771My Review of “Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties” by Camille Pagan  Lake Union Publishing February 27,2018

Kudos to Camille Pagan , Author of “Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties” for such a wonderful, emotional and encouraging read. Can you imagine thinking you have it all,  married for thirty years, two grown children, a house , and friends, and finding that everything  in your life is about to change?  How would you feel if said husband informs you that he no longer wants to be married? You’re 53 years old and you realize that your husband is not coming back. What should you do? What do you do?

Camille Pagan describes her characters as flawed, complex and complicated. Maggie Harris has a load of  insecurities and anxieties, but there was no way that she can believe that this has happened to her. Of course, she is hoping Adam will change his mind. Maggie is starting to feel invisible. She had left her career as a social worker years ago, to take care of her children and husband. She works part-time for a dentist for the convenience.   Many times she feels lonely, and goes through the gamut of emotions.

Maggie goes to Rome by herself. She makes a special friend and meets people and takes the time to reflect. The friend that she meets in Rome suggest that Maggie stay in her home, when she goes back to the United States. Maggie has to learn to take care of herself. The blurb from NetGalley says that Camille Pagan writes about “a woman on the verge of a nervous breakthrough.”

I appreciate that the author discusses the importance of believing in yourself, having self-esteem, and learning what you want. The author also stresses the importance of family, , emotional support, love and hope. I like that age is just a number , and you can do what you want to. I would recommend this enjoyable story to readers that like Woman’s Fiction. I received An Advanced Reading Copy from NetGalley for my honest review.


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