My Review of “Darkest Night” by Tara Thomas

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My Review of “Darkest Night” by Tara Thomas, St. Martin’s Press, February 27,2018

“Darkest Night” by Tara Thomas is an intense and captivating novel of suspense, romance, and thrilling mystery. There are betrayals, deep secrets, revenge, jealousy, danger and murder. The author weaves her story around the wealthy and successful Benedict Brothers in Charleston.  There is at least one deadly enemy sworn to destroy them. There are many twists and turns.

The author describes are characters as complex and complicated. Some seem dysfunctional and psychotic. One of the Benedict brothers, Keaton sees Tilly Brock, a former childhood friend. Tilly’s father had worked for the Benedicts and was accused of embezzling company funds. Tilly’s family had to leave, and Keaton never realized where she was.

Tilly works at a Men’s Club, bartending, while making the money she needs to finish college to become a teacher.  Someone not only has it in for the Benedicts, but also has threatened Tilly.  When Keaton and Tilly get together, there are dead bodies turning up.

What is going on? Who is the enemy that wants to destroy the Benedicts, and why? I would recommend this book for readers of Mystery and Romance. There are some hot sexy scenes in this book as well. I received an ARC from NetGalley  for my honest review.

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