My Review of “The Family Next Door” by Sally Hepworth



My Review of “The Family Next Door” by Sally Hepworth

Kudos to Sally Hepworth, Author of “The Family Next Door” for writing such a descriptive and captivating story about several families in a small neighborhood. Are your neighbors who you really think they are? The genres for this story are Fiction, Woman’s Fiction, Suspense, Mystery with an essence of Romance.

The author describes the characters who live on Pleasant Court as complex and complicated. There are deep dark secrets, lies and betrayals.  Each family seems dysfunctional, and has its own problems.

Newcomer Isabelle doesn’t seem like she belongs in this neighborhood. She is single, has no children and a hidden agenda. The other woman on the block Angie, Fran and Essie become obsessed with why Isabelle is here. Each of these women has their own family drama, which the reader gets a front row seat to. I felt like an intruder as I glimpsed into their personal lives.  It reminded me a little bit of Peyton Place, with the drama.

The author discusses the importance of family and a support system. The topic of postpartum depression and mental illness is brought up.  There are twists and turns , suspense and mystery. I would highly recommend this novel for readers that enjoy Woman’s Fiction and Suspense. I received An Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review. Happy Reading !


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