My Review of “The Italian Party” by Christina Lynch

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My Review of “The Italian Party” by Christina Lynch

Christina Lynch, Author of “The Italian Party” has written an enjoyable, unique, satire and fictional story. The “Italian Party” in no way really means a celebration. It actually refers to the Italy about 10 years after World War Two, while there are controversial political parties.

The author describes her characters as complex, and complicated. Everyone has secrets, lies, omissions, and betrayals.  For example, Scottie and Michael are newlyweds, but know absolutely nothing about one another. Really and truly. I can’t give away spoilers, but these two are certainly clueless.  I can tell you that Michael works for the CIA, but Scottie has no idea.  I can tell you that Scottie is a gorgeous blond American with a Vassar education, and a monumental secret, and never mentioned to Michael that she has no money. Michael thinks she is loaded. Scottie makes no secret that she loves horses, she is like a horse whisperer. Michael reads books on how a husband should treat a wife, and Scottie reads books on what a wife should do to make a husband happy.

So where do these honeymooners go? They go to Italy of course. Michael tells Scottie he will be selling tractors to people who still use donkeys and mules. Of course he is with the CIA, and wants to make sure politics is on America’s side. Michael hires a tutor for Scotty to teach her Italian. Everything falls apart when her teacher goes missing , as well as a special horse. Scotty will not rest until she finds out what is happening.

I appreciate the way the author uses vivid descriptions of the Italian countryside and mountains. Also mentioned is the variety of  local foods, that appeals to all senses.

I found this story to be witty and charming, and would recommend this to readers that enjoy both fiction and satire. I received an Advanced Reading Copy from NetGalley  for my  honest review.


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