My Review of “The Way of Beauty” by Camille Di Maio

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BRAVO to Camille Di Maio, Author of “The Way of Beauty”, for a Literary Masterpiece  and an Absolute Treasure. I loved everything about Camille Di Maio’s novel. From the descriptive historical perspectives of the culture, people, landscape and architecture to the colorful cast of characters through three generations, and the significant political statements of the times, the author has woven several stories and themes into an amazing , captivating, intriguing and enjoyable novel.

I loved the generational stories of families, hope and love. The contrast between the have and have-nots and the disparity of the rich and poor are mentioned. I loved the romantic descriptions of people as time goes on.

I appreciate the Woman’s fight for the right to vote, and the consequences and heartache at that time. Also mentioned is War, and disabilities and hardships. There are also devastating conditions in factories and work.

I am impressed  at the way Camille Di Maio  uses the comparison of historical buildings, and beauty to the emotions, sentiment, memory  and history of people who lived during that time. The symbolism of the decorative architecture that reminds people of first love, and the ups and downs  and the various stages in life.

As modern time brings more conveniences, the buildings, the train stations, that men sweated to build seem to be pushed aside to make way for the new. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the past to merge and have a renewal with the modern world?

I am left thinking of so many things that are brought up in this novel. I highly recommend this story to everyone. There are some Kleenex moments. I received an ARC for my honest review.

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