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IMG_4342My Review of “Somebody’s Daughter ” by David Bell     Berkley July 2018

MY REVIEW OF “SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER”  BY David Bell   Berkley  July 2018


Kudos to David Bell, Author of “Somebody’s Daughter”for such an intense, captivating, enthralling, riveting, suspenseful and intriguing novel.  Did you ever wonder who would ring your doorbell, in the evening, especially when you are not expecting anyone?  If it is David Bell, and he starts his story with this beginning you only have to imagine what he has in store for you. I love the way that David Bell provides clues, and vividly describes the characters and locations in his stories.  The Genres for this story are Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, and Fiction.

The author describes his colorful cast of characters as complex and complicated. There are deep dark secrets, and any one of the characters can be suspects in this mystery. There are twists and turns.

Michael Frazier and his wife Angela are having a peaceful evening, until the door-bell rings. They are not expecting anyone, and of course once Michael opens the door, things are not going to be the same again.  Standing in the door-way, is Michael’s ex-wife Erica.

Erica shocks Michael by telling him that Felicity her daughter is missing, and the police are involved. Michael never knew that Erica had a daughter, and it seems that Erica was married to Michael at that time. Could this be Michael’s daughter as well? Erica shows a picture to Michael of Felicity, that reminds him of his deceased sister Robin.

Michael feels he has to accompany Erica to get some answers to why Felicity is missing and who would take her. Angela has many reservations about this, and yet lets her husband leave with Erica.

There is danger and I felt a high amount of tension, as Michael goes along on Erica’s quest. The more information, and the more characters that Michael meets, seems to put him in jeopardy.  Who can be trusted? Even Michael’s family seems to be suspicious.

I enjoyed this fascinating adventure and would highly recommend it to readers that enjoy a suspenseful and intriguing mystery . I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.





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