GIVEAWAY OF PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS BY Taryn Leigh on Lindas Book Obsession on FB.



I appreciate the way Taryn Leigh, author  of “Perfect Imperfections” weaves the details of her story. The timeline of this story is mostly in the present with a few past references that pertain to the characters or the storyline. The genres of this story are Fiction or Women’s Fiction.
The author describes her characters as complex and complicated. Some characters are mean-spirited. Other characters are capable of betrayal and deceitful acts. There are characters that are supportive and kind as well. Sarah Lewis leaves her home in London, after a major tragedy and betrayal, and goes to restart her life in South Africa.  She stays at her best friend’s home while she struggles emotionally to put her life together, as well as her business obligations.
Taryn Leigh does a fantastic job in keeping the reader in suspense about  what the tragedy and betrayals are. We know that Sarah is keeping secrets from her best friend and brother, who only want to help her. Sarah is emotionally fragile and is having nightmares. She starts to put her business together, and then is called back to London for a family emergency. Sarah finally realizes that she has to go back to the past in order to move on to the present and future.
I really like the way that the author shows us that through adversity there is hope. The author describes having a support system, family, friends and love. The author also shows us good vs. evil,  loyalty vs. betrayal, forgiveness and redemption vs.  holding grudges and retribution.  Taryn Leigh shows us the growth in the characters.
I would recommend this intriguing and emotionally captivating story for readers who enjoy fiction. I look forward to seeing more of these characters, and I do hope that the  author writes more about them. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

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