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IMG_4755MY REVIEW OF “THE SUMMER LIST”  by Amy Mason Doan    Graydon House, June 26, 2018

Amy Mason Doan, Author of “The Summer List” has written a captivating, emotional, enthralling and heartwarming story.  Have you ever wondered what happened to your best and most trusted friend from years ago? The Genres for this novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The  timeline of the story is told in the past and present.

The author describes her characters as complex, and complicated , possibly due to circumstances from years ago.  There are some deep secrets, and confusion that can account for past and present surprises.

Laura and Casey had been the best and closet of friends. They lived across the lake from each other. Laura’s adoptive parents, especially her mother are very strict and religious. Casey’s mother is more of a free artistic spirit. Laura has always wished that Casey’s Mom was her Mom. Casey’s mother has weekly scavenger hunts that become the social outing for all the teenagers. One fateful evening,  Laura feels betrayed and leaves her hometown, Casey and others.Is it possible to run and forget the other people in your life?

As we visit the characters seventeen years in  the present, Laura has just gotten an invitation from Casey to come and visit.  Laura takes her dog with her, and decides to see what Casey wants. It seems there is one last scavenger hunt arranged by  Casey’s Mom.This leads to both good and bad memories. There is the chance that this scavenger hunt will bring Laura and Casey together or will tear them apart.

I appreciate the way Amy Mason Doan describes her characters, locations and events in such a vivid and amazing way. This is a story of friendship, forgiveness, growth, family, Mothers and daughters, honesty, loyalty and hope. Be warned there are a few Kleenex moments. I would  highly recommend this novel to those readers that appreciate a warm and sensitive novel.

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