A Short Interview with Author Amy Mason Doan, “The Summer List”

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A Short Interview With Amy Mason Doan  Author of” The Summer List”


  1. What are your goals for your reader to take away with them after reading your novel?I hope they feel immersed in the world of the story and that they experience Laura & Casey’s joys & heartbreaks right along with them—both what they go through as teenagers and during their long weekend reunion as 35-year-old women. I hope that they’re rooting for them to mend their friendship, that they can’t stop turning the pages, and  after they’ve finished the book,  they think about the person in their life who might have drifted away. The lakeside setting is an integral part of THE SUMMER LIST it’s almost like a main character. So I also want readers to hear the waves lapping, smell the pine trees and see the sun shimmering on the water.2. How would you like your readers to connect or contact you?

    I love to hear from readers! I’m reachable through the contact page on my website, www.amymasondoan.com, and I’m pretty active on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. I also do in-person and video book club visits through NovelNetwork. That information’s on my page, too.

    3. If you are able to share, do you have any new projects in the works.

    I’m working on a novel that will come out next summer with Graydon House, and I’m so excited about it! It’s a female, contemporary nod to The Graduate. It’s funny and sexy and poignant, and there’s a road trip up Pacific Coast Highway. I can’t wait to get it to readers because I absolutely adore the characters and the story.

Amy Mason Doan







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