AN INTERVIEW WITH WENDY WALKER,Author of “Emma in the Night” and Lindas Book Obsession

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AN INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR WENDY WALKER  and Lindas Book Obsessionfullsizeoutput_3425
1. What motivates or inspires you to write your stories? Each book seems to come from a different place. All Is Not Forgotten was inspired by a NYT article I had read years before about memory science and trauma treatment. Emma In The Night started with a concept about women disappearing and then coming home, but evolved after I learned more about narcissism. I came up with the ending and built the story to make it work. My next book, The Night Before, was inspired by two things: the crazy world of online dating and a structure that would maximize breathless suspense. I am always thinking about plots and see almost everything in my life through that lens.


  1. What did you do before you became an author? I had many lives before breaking through as a writer. I worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. Then I was a corporate litigator. Then I was a stay home mom. Then a single divorce lawyer. Each and every endeavor gave me tools that I have been able to use in my writing.


  1. What goals would you like your reader to take away after reading your book/s? I really hope my books are entertaining, but also moving in some way. Beyond the thrill of a twist or surprise at the end, I hope readers will leave my work thinking about the dilemmas the characters faced or the issues they struggled with – whether it be trauma or a relationship with a narcissist, or a liar on the Internet. We read to escape. And we escape by feeling something different or new.


  1. What are some hobbies, or things you like to do in your “downtime”? What’s that???? Seriously, as a single mom and now a full-time writer, downtime consists of exercise (yoga and running) and also, whenever I can, a night out with my girlfriends!


  1. How do you balance your life as an author with other things in your life? I started writing because I wanted to have a career that allowed me to be home with my kids as much as possible. I have a very strong work ethic so I will work in every spare minute I can find. But I wanted the freedom to be at every talent show, every soccer game, home for every sick day – for me as well as for my kids. So my kids come first (almost) always. Then writing. Then the other things, if there’s any time left over.


  1. Can you share with us your next project? Yes! The Night Before will be out in May 2019 and it is a bit of a departure in terms of structure. The same psychological elements are present, but it is very action forward. Told in two time frames – the night before when a woman goes out on a date with a stranger from a dating website, and the day after when her sister begins to search for her – the suspense is pretty intense! The twist on the theme is that after we learn about the woman’s past, we become more afraid of what she might have done to this man than what he might have done to her!


  1. How would you like the readers to connect or contact you? Through my website at






Wendy Walker is a former family law attorney in Fairfield County, Connecticut who began writing while at home raising her three sons. She published two novels with St. Martin’s Press and edited multiple compilations for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series before writing her debut psychological thriller, All is Not Forgotten. Her second thriller, Emma In The Night, will be released August 8, 2017.

Wendy earned her J. D., magna cum laude, at the Georgetown University Law Center where she was awarded  the American Jurisprudence award for her performance in Contracts and Advanced Criminal Procedure.  She received her undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, from Brown University and attended The London School of Economics and Political Science as part of her undergraduate studies.

Prior to her legal career, Wendy was a financial analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co., in the mergers and acquisitions group. She has also volunteered at the ACLU, Connecticut Legal Services and Figure Skating in Harlem where she served on the Board of Directors for over twelve years.

Wendy is currently writing her third thriller while managing a busy household.


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