Month: June 2018

My Review of “A Premature Apocalypse” by Dan Sofer

MY REVIEW OF “A PREMATURE APOCALYPSE” by Dan Sofer Kudos to Dan Sofer, Author of “A Premature Apocalypse” for writing such an intense, captivating, intriguing, enthralling and riveting novel. The third book in the series is a thought-provoking book with symbolism, adventure, satire, politics, good and evil, betrayals, danger, wit, death, life from death,  and

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My Review of “The Masterpiece” by Fiona Davis

MY REVIEW OF “THE MASTERPIECE” BY FIONA DAVIS    Penguin Group/ Dutton  Publishing August 2018 Bravo to Fiona Davis , Author of “The Masterpiece” for writing  an amazing, captivating, intense, riveting,  entertaining and enthralling novel.  I love everything about “The Masterpiece.”  I appreciate the historical research that the author has done. Fiona Davis is a

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