My Review of “Sold on a Monday” by Kristina McMorris


fullsizeoutput_34e9.jpegMy Review of “Sold on a Monday” by Kristina McMorris. Sourcebooks Landmark, August, 2018

Kudos to Kristina McMorris, Author of “Sold on a Monday” for writing such an amazing, emotionally charged, riveting, captivating, intriguing and enthralling novel. The Genres for this story are Historical Fiction, Fiction, with a dash of Romance and Suspense. The timeline for this story is around the Great Depression. The author vividly describes the times and her colorful cast of characters. The Great Depression was a tragic and devastating part of history, and the challenges to survive were difficult. Can you imagine people having to sell their children, in order to live? What happened to these children?

The author describes her characters as complex and complicated possibly due to the dire circumstances and poverty and depression.  People would read Newspapers, and for those journalists, there was competition. Men and women didn’t have equal roles. Ellis Reed, is a struggling reporter, that tries to replace a lost photograph, by staging a new one with children that are for sale. Never could he possibly dream, of the consequences of this act.  Ellis has a dysfunctional relationship with his father, and does want to the the right thing.

Lillian Palmer also works at the Newspaper, and as a single mom, with loving support of her parents, she empathized with children that have been unwanted.

This story is based on such a photograph that was in the newspaper and opened the eyes of the nation. I appreciate that the author writes about family, emotional support, second chances, love, and hope. I would highly recommend this novel to those readers that love Historical Fiction. Kristina McMorris is a very talented author bringing her words to tug at our heartstrings. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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