Lindas Book Obsession Review Of “The Hubley Case” By J.Lee

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Lindas Book Obsession Review of “The Hubley Case” by J. Lee

J. Lee, Debut Author of “The Hubley Case” has written a captivating, intense, riveting, suspenseful,  mystery and thriller.   An American businessman, Peter Hubley is killed publicly in a Brazilian airport. The two killers suddenly go into spasm, and collapse, and the ambulance taking the killers away disappears. This certainly is perplexing, and suddenly becomes an international incident.

The FBI becomes involved and  Nikki Benton is the agent that is looking for information. Peter Hubley’s widow asks her brother Ben Siebert, a former Marine to look into why her husband was killed. The author describes his characters as complex and complicated.  Many of the characters are suspect and it is hard to determine who can be trusted. Agent Benton and Ben Siebert manage to work together at times to solve this case, which has more danger than any one could have predicted.

The search for the master-mind killer is a global one, with many false leads.  At one point a story  appears in the newspaper the accuses Peter Hubley of being involved with a serious gang. Ben Siebert is determined to give his sister closure and prove he is innocent.There are twists and turns.  This is a great adventure with espionage, murders, and the chase. I would recommend this thrilling and suspenseful mystery to those readers who enjoy sitting on the edge of their seats.

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