Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “The Testament of Harold’s Wife” by Lynne Hugo

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fullsizeoutput_373b.jpegLindas Book Obsession Reviews “The Testament of Harold’s Wife” by Lynne Hugo  Kensington, Sept. 25, 2018

Lynne Hugo, Author of “The Testament of Harold’s Wife”  has written an unusual, emotional, intriguing, riveting, captivating and intense novel. Also in this unique  story is some  satire and wit. The Genres for this story are Fiction, Women’s Fiction. The timeline for this story is  the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story. The author describes her quirky, dysfunctional and unstable characters as complicated and complex.

Louisa is an older woman, and has dealt with the deaths of her grandson Cody and her husband Harold.  Louisa blames Larry, the drunken man who ran Cody over, and said that he thought it was a deer. Larry is walking around as a free man.  Louisa also blames Larry for the death of Harold who failed in carrying out his plans for revenge against Larry.

Is it for Justice or Revenge? Louisa lives on a large farm, and her best friends are her chickens and temperamental cat. Often they have “tea” parties with a little bourbon to discuss the issues on hand. Louisa is determined to carry on with Harry’s Plans to take care of Larry. Her only obstacles are Gus, the sheriff, who keeps checking up on her, and her son, who is looking to see if Louisa has lost her marbles. Louisa’s son Gary seems to be looking for some sense of purpose, and he has found some help from Jesus. Louisa does have a wicked sense of humor trying to keep her son off her tracks.

Now Louisa is a retired teacher, and knows that she has to study her subject to continue with this plan. How is Louisa going to manage this? One thing Louisa does know is Larry is a trophy hunter and kills deer. How is she going to use these facts to help her plan?

I appreciate how the author describes the plants and animal life that make up Louisa’s life.  The beauty of nature that surrounds Louisa is amazing. It is nice to see how Louisa does appreciate the environment. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy a thought-provoking  story with wit and satire. Happy Reading !!!


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